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  • Andrew Zhu

X-Summit: The Event of the Year

From July 1st to July 4th, the enchanting town of Sorrento, Italy, transformed into the epicenter of innovation and networking as Serafund, Level One Fund, and Olive Fund's annual 'X-Summit' took place. With the breathtaking Amalfi Coast as a backdrop, over 80 entrepreneurs, fund managers, and industry friends gathered for an extraordinary four days filled with groundbreaking discussions, exhilarating activities, and unforgettable experiences. Among the distinguished guests were high-profile figures like Bob Xiaoping Xu, founder of Zhen Fund and New Oriental, and Max Hodak, former president and founder of Neuralink, adding an extra layer of prestige to the event.

An Exhilarating Kick-Off at Quattro Passi

The summit began with a spectacular yacht experience that set the tone for what was to come. The pristine waters of the Amalfi Coast provided a serene setting for initial networking, followed by a luxurious lunch at the Michelin 3-star restaurant Quattro Passi. The ambiance of Sorrento, combined with gourmet dining, provided the perfect start to the summit, creating an atmosphere of excellence and sophistication. Guests were treated to a culinary masterpiece that delighted the senses and set a high bar for the days ahead.

Illuminating Insights at Villa Astor

Day two moved to the historic Villa Astor, where a series of insightful sessions captivated the attendees. A standout moment was the crypto VC panel featuring industry luminaries like James Ho from Modular Capital, Jason Fang from Sora Ventures, Anthony Wang from Serafund and Spencer Gordon-Sand from Spencer Ventures moderated by Serafund's Managing Partner, Andrew Zhu. The discussions offered deep dives into the future of the crypto industry. The evening was topped off by an inspiring keynote speech by legendary investor Bob Xiaoping Xu.

The day's intellectual rigor was balanced by a night of historical immersion at the Roman Empire-themed dinner. Guests were transported back in time with a gladiator fight reenactment, staged against the dramatic backdrop of the villa. The clash of swords and shields under the starlit sky provided an adrenaline-pumping spectacle that left everyone breathless.

Dynamic Panels on Crypto Entrepreneurship

The third day was packed with dynamic discussions on crypto entrepreneurship. Key figures like Chris from Plume Network, San from Thala Labs, Calvin from Shrapnel, and Zon from Initia shared their experiences, shedding light on the latest trends in GameFi, DeFi, and Real World Assets (RWAs). The day was marked by lively debates and presentations from portfolio companies showcasing their latest innovations. Guests were later treated to an impromptu lively debate on AI from Kevin Guo, founder of Hive AI and Max Hodak, founder of Neuralink. The intellectual stimulation was complemented by an evening that could only be described as magical.

As dusk fell, the setting transformed into a 'Midsummer Night's Dream' themed gala. Ethereal performers in elaborate costumes danced under the moonlight, creating a dreamlike atmosphere. Guests dined amidst floating lanterns and fairy lights, their conversations interspersed with laughter and the occasional gasp of wonder at the surreal performances. This whimsical evening offered a perfect blend of fantasy and reality, making it an unforgettable night.

A Relaxing Finale at Maya Beach Club

The final day offered a perfect blend of relaxation and culture. Attendees enjoyed the sun and sea at the beautiful Maya Beach Club, unwinding before the evening's grand finale. The summit concluded with an elegant dinner at Villa Astor, accompanied by a mesmerizing opera performance. The night sky lit up with a spectacular fireworks display, celebrating the success of the X-Summit and leaving a lasting impression on all attendees.

A Milestone in Innovation and Collaboration

The X Summit in Sorrento was not just an event but a milestone in our journey towards greater innovation and collaboration. The combination of insightful sessions, unparalleled networking opportunities, and the enchanting setting of Villa Astor made this summit truly unforgettable. As we look ahead, we are excited to build on the ideas and connections made during these four days. Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to making this summit a success. We look forward to seeing you next year for another enriching experience!

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