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  • Andrew Zhu


We are excited to share our thoughts on Kryptview - a research-to-earn platform that rewards users for performing and validating analysis on cryptoassets.

The network uses crypto incentives to reward users for aggregating fragmented information about a digital asset into professional frameworks. This model provides reliable, structured data based on a token’s fundamentals. They are using the power of collective intelligence to create a community-managed library of objective research.

“Kryptview believes that users should be able to access verifiable information and insights about crypto assets without spending hours collecting data from secondary sources.”

The community research uses a peer-to-peer framework and the Kryptview token (KVT) to incentivize honest work. Anyone on their platform can post research or become a research validator by staking some of their KVT tokens. Submissions follow an analytical framework used by professional investors and are reviewed by validators for 24 hours. Submissions are published if an approval rate of 60% or higher is reached. All research published is viewable on the platform, which can be accessed by anyone who locks KVT tokens or pays a monthly subscription.

Users earn reward points and experience points for participating in the network. Experience points allow users to rank up and incentivize long-term commitment. Members with higher ranks require fewer validations for their research, carry more weight in the review process, and unlock greater rewards. Reward points are issued for comprehensive research, accurate predictions, and predicting the correct outcome, which are then exchanged for KVT tokens.

Kryptview was designed for the community at large. They incentivize users to increase transparency and data availability, which is beneficial for all. Over ⅔ of the token supply is allocated to community incentives, rewarding those who create value for the rest of the members. We believe this project will accrue value over time as their token provides access to quality materials and has a fixed token supply and burning mechanism that incentivizes users to hold KVT.

There will be increased demand for concise, relevant, peer-reviewed research as the industry onboards new users and projects. Information fragmentation will continually increase as new tokens, documentation, and communities are created. We believe that Kryptview’s model creates a virtuous cycle that rewards users for educating others and will play a key role in onboarding the next generation of users to the crypto economy.

We believe that projects that make crypto more transparent and accessible are extremely important, especially in light of recent events. The Kryptview team is working hard to increase credibility and democratize information. We are excited to support them along the way.

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